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Primal Balance

10 Meals per Week

10 Meals per Week


Organic, healthy, nutrient-rich meals are dropped at your door every Monday and Thursday. This plan allows you to select from (2) different menus each week. 

Best plan for businesses, smaller families, and individuals looking to eat healthier.

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  • Lebanese Grass Fed Beef Burger

    🍟 Crispy sweet potato fries cooked in organic avocado oil @chosenfoods
    🧄 Sautéed garlic and mushrooms
    🧅 Marbled sweet onions
    🍅 Blistered cherry tomatoes
    🥓 Organic pork bacon
    🍃 Grass-fed beef from my friends @wcprimemeats
    🥥 Dairy free Labanese sauce from scratch with @cocojune_organic coconut yogurt and @chosenfoods mayonnaise fresh herbs 🤤

  • Chicken Carciofi

    🥬 Garlic olive oil spinach
    ❤️ Artichoke hearts
    🥦 Crisp broccoli
    🍅 Blistered cherry tomatoes
    🍷 Pan roasted chicken breast from @wcprimemeats simmered in our lemon, white wine sauce

  • Paleo Chilaquiles

    🌽 @siete grain-free tortilla chips
    ❤️ @hatch organic mild red enchilada sauce and fresh cumin
    🧅 Fresh organic sweet onions
    🥚 3 pastured organic San Diego eggs
    🌿 Topped with organic fresh cilantro

  • Maple Dijon Grass-Fed Beef Bowl

    🍃 Grass-fed beef from our friends @wcprimemeats
    🍠 Roasted sweet potatoes
    🥦 Tender broccoli
    🍅 Fresh cherry tomatoes
    🍁 Topped with our house made maple dijon dressing
    🥦 Produce always from @specialtyproduce

Sample Menu

Meal Option 1
Honey Mustard Turkey Meatballs with roasted cauliflower rice, carrots, cabbage, and topped with our house made honey mustard sauce (P:45g F:17g C:35g) = 473 calories

Meal Option 2
Teriyaki Wild Isles Salmon with white jasmine rice, sugar snap peas, red bell peppers, and topped with our house made teriyaki sauce (P:38g F:18g C:50g)= 514 calories

Meal Option 3
Green Goddess Turkey Bowl with roasted yams, green beans, and topped with our house made green goddess dressing (P:45g F:17g C:35g) = 473 calories

Meal Option 4
Chicken Carciofi with gluten free floured chicken breast, artichoke hearts, garlic spinach, capers, broccoli, and tossed in our house made lemon white wine sauce (P:42g F:20g C:35g)= 488 calories

Meal Option 5
Lebanese Grass-Fed Beef Burger with roasted carrot fries, sauteed mushrooms and sweet onions, pork bacon, blistered cherry tomatoes, and Lebanese garlic sauce on the side (P:50g F:30g C:42g)= 638 calories

Meal Option 6
Grass-Fed Indian Lamb with roasted sweet potatoes, cauliflower, and an Indian mint yogurt sauce served on the side (P:42g F:30g C:42g)= 606 calories

Meal Option 7
Poached Eggs and Grits with creamy polenta, spinach, 3 pastured San Diego poached eggs, balsamic glaze, and lemon pepper (P:30g F:25g C:35g)= 485 calories

Meal Option 8
Paleo Chilaquiles with siete grain free chips, fresh sweet onions, enchilada sauce, (3) over easy pastured eggs, and fresh cilantro (P:22g F:20g C:30g)= 388 calories

Meal Option 9
Vegan Pumpkin Protein Pancakes topped with fresh coconut, raspberries, and maple syrup on the side (P:30g F:15g C:50g)= 445 calories

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