San Marcos Meal Prep and Meal Delivery Service

Serving Organic Meals to Residents in Escondido and Surrounding Areas

At Primal Balance Nutrition, we believe meal prep and meal delivery should be fresh, easy, and delivered directly to you. As one of the premier vista meal delivery services in San Diego, CA, we are proud to serve our community with the freshest, most local food around. Our meals are prepared 24 hours before we drop them off to you at your location of choice. Whether you want your meals delivered to your home, office, or gym, we’ve got you covered. We also do not charge an extra meal delivery fee, which makes us one of the most affordable meal delivery services in town.


Can You Deliver My Meals?

Of course! We can deliver to your home, office, or gym of choice. Just be sure to give us a gate code or additional delivery instructions if required. You can also leave a cooler bag outside or inside your drop-off location of choice, and we will put your meals inside of it. 

How Do I Sign Up? What Are My Options?

Look at our Get Started page to learn more! We offer 6, 10, and 12 meals per week. If you have additional questions, you can always schedule a one-on-one nutrition call to discuss your diet with our founder. We will do our best to accommodate your dietary needs.

Can I Talk to Someone About My Nutrition Goals to Ensure This Service Is for Me?

Feel free to direct your questions to You can schedule a one-on-one nutrition call with our founder. 

Can I Purchase Your Meals for an Event?

Yes! We would love to prepare meals for your event. We deliver these meals individually in compostable boxes to your location of choice. Heating the meals and distributing them to guests would need to be taken care of by you or a member on your team.

As our meals are very fresh, they can be enjoyed hot or cold. We recommend warming plates if you would like to heat the meals up for an event.

Please do keep in mind that while substitutions can be accommodated, we ask that these be limited in order to be able to offer you the best service possible.

Why Primal Balance Nutrition 

Primal Balance Nutrition is known and loved in the San Diego community for many reasons. We source our ingredients locally, are committed to sustainable business practices, never freeze our meals, and deliver on our promise of delivering excellent customer service. Here are the words we hear the most from our clients:

  • Fresh
  • Delicious
  • Amazing customer service
  • Easy to work with
  • Healthy, filling meals
  • Food that my kids will actually eat
  • Organic and incredibly delicious

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