Oceanside Meal Prep and Meal Delivery Service

Serving Delicious Meals to Residents in South Oceanside and Surrounding Areas

Primal Balance Nutrition is proud to be one of the few organic meal prep and meal delivery services serving Oceanside, CA. Known for our commitment to fresh ingredients and sustainable practices, we are also the only meal delivery service in San Diego that delivers your food 24 hours after it has been made. We also plate your meals in biodegradable containers and steer clear of single-use plastics.

Primal Balance Nutrition cares about you and the impact we have on the planet. Learn more about our values and how much we love our local San Diego community below. 


It is more important now than ever to choose more sustainable food options. We stand behind this and only source ingredients from sustainable or local farmers, whenever possible. We also avoid GMOs, plastic, industrial seed oils, and anything else that is harmful to the planet. We choose organic produce as often as possible as well.

Conscious nutritional choices

Unlike other meal delivery services, ours is led by a nutrition fanatic. We are passionate about nutrition, eating healthy, and leading by example. All our meals are carefully curated to help you maintain your nutrition goals. Each meal is packed full of lean protein, vitamins, minerals, healthy fats, and complex carbohydrates to keep you healthy and help you maintain a solid energy level throughout the day.

Our Involvement with the Oceanside Community

We love to connect with our local Oceanside residents. We have hosted events with Vital SoCal and other local gyms to provide healthy meals to our community. It brings us great pride to be a part of our community.

Unlike other meal delivery services that are not located in San Diego, CA, we play an active role in this city. You also never have to worry about the freshness of our food. We cook at a commercial kitchen right here in Escondido, CA, so your meals are made less than 24 hours before you get them delivered to your door.

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We serve all of Oceanside. Click here to see other places we serve within San Diego.