Downtown San Diego & Little Italy Meal Prep and Meal Delivery Service

Providing Organic Meal Prep to Residents in Downtown San Diego and Beyond

Primal Balance Nutrition is proud to offer organic, non-GMO meal prep and meal delivery service to residents in Little Italy, San Diego, and surrounding areas. 

We believe healthy food should be fresh, nutritious, and easily accessible, which is why we offer concierge-like delivery right to your home, office, or gym. When it comes to your meal prep, fresh is best. That means your meals are never frozen and are always cooked 12 hours before drop-off time. 

What Sets Our Meal Delivery Service Apart from the Rest?

When it comes time to choose a meal delivery service around Downtown San Diego, we believe in picking the company that will best serve you and its community. At Primal Balance Nutrition, we never cut corners to make a profit. We believe in serving our local community delicious food that is good for their health. Here are some ways we stand out:

Plastic free

We do not believe in using plastic and contributing to unnecessary waste. As such, we only use compostable boxes to store our food. 

Organic, non-GMO, and fresh 

 When it comes to sourcing food for our San Diego community, we opt for organic and non-GMO. We also never freeze our food and then ship it to you. All our meals are made in a commercial kitchen locally and cooked 12 hours before they are delivered right to you.

Allergy friendly 

One of the reasons our clients love us so much is how accommodating we are with food allergies. All our meals are gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free, and soy-free (except for tofu). We do not use any industrial seed oils either. We can also adapt if needed to accommodate an additional allergy.

Get in Touch with Us and Order Organic Meals Today

At Primal Balance Nutrition, it is our mission to help our clients eat better, feel great, and reach their health and fitness goals. Check out our meal delivery service below by clicking on Get Started. 

We serve all of downtown San Diego and Little Italy. Click here to see other places we serve within San Diego.