Where to Buy Fresh Fish in San Diego

Where to Buy Fresh Fish in San Diego

The health benefits of fish are plenty providing your body with omega-3 fatty acids (aka the good fats) and vitamins such as vitamin D and vitamin B12, but how do you know where to buy fresh and sustainable fish in your hometown? And how do you find fish that’s already prepared and able to go from fridge to fork ready in no time? Today, Primal Balance goes over why where you source your fish matters and where to buy the freshest and most sustainable fish in San Diego, CA.

Why Does Fish Quality Matter and What Should You Look For?

Fish is an important part of a well-balanced diet and a great source of protein. When it comes to choosing fish it’s often best to choose wild-caught over farmed when possible. Wild-caught fish have higher levels of omega-3 fatty acids and aren’t fed antibiotics to stay healthy. Also, you want to make sure your fish is fresh, the fresher the better. According to PureFish, our fish partner of choice, most “fresh” seafood is actually over a week out of the water and many times weeks old before it gets to the consumer! Yikes!

When it comes to choosing fresh fish, here are some pointers on what to look for:

  • Firm, shiny, or metallic flesh
  • Clear eyes
  • Intact scales
  • Healthy gills (watch out for brown spots or slime)
  • Ocean smell (fish should smell like the ocean not extra “fishy”)

You also want to try to test the quality of the fish by pressing on it with a finger. The flesh should bounce back slightly when you take your finger away, which indicated freshness. Also, when it comes to choosing fish, you want to make sure the place you’re buying from is transparent about its sourcing and quality. It’s a good sign if they’re able to tell you where the fish came from, how it was caught, as well as details about the fish itself.

Best Option for Fresh Fish in San Diego County

When it comes to freshness, quality, and sustainable sourcing, you can’t go wrong with PureFish.PureFish provides fine dining quality sustainable seafood delivered in sustainable and upcycled packaging that is fresh and tasty. You can even trace your fish and its farmer by scanning the QR code on the back of their packages to learn more about sourcing and quality. We love that PureFish promotes transparency and sustainability over everything, calling itself a health and wellness company and not just a seafood company. This company is the real deal, and they really care, which is why we’ve partnered with them to offer the highest quality seafood available to our clients in San Diego County!

Primal Balance Nutrition’s New Partner PureFish

As an organic meal delivery service in San Diego, CA, we’ve always wanted to bring our clients the best, freshest, and most local produce, meat, fish, and ingredients possible. We’re constantly learning how to improve our food sourcing, how to find more local and sustainable produce, and how to ensure we can provide the best possible meal delivery service to our community. PureFish shares a very similar vision. They provide the highest quality, healthiest, and best seafood from the ocean to your doorstep, which is why we decided to partner with them and use their fish in our meals. You can now try their delicious seafood in our meal delivery plans, delivered right to your home!

Want to learn more about the PureFish and Primal Balance Nutrition partnership? Head to our Get Started page to order meals today!

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