Fitness Resolutions in 2023: Why We're Ditching Them

Fitness Resolutions in 2023: Why We're Ditching Them

Did you set a resolution sometime in the last week to be healthier, lose weight, gain muscle, or get toned? While we love to see the resolve, the truth of the matter is that New Year's resolutions can put a lot of pressure on you. If you don't meet them, you may feel like you missed the mark or failed. Resolutions can sometimes feel like an "all or nothing" approach, which is why as much as 43% of all people quit them before February. Here's why we're ditching resolutions for something much more sustainable.

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Fitness Resolutions Versus Healthy Intentions

Today, we want to go over the differences between resolutions and intentions (you can thank the Calm app for this one). A resolution is often created due to something we don't like about ourselves. It's tied to an outcome and doesn't leave wiggle room for imperfections. Intentions offer a more compassionate approach. They ask us to bring mindfulness to our actions and make an effort to change, rather than force us to change.

When we make a New Year's resolution to lose weight and eat a donut, we might feel bad about ourselves afterward. This could even derail our resolution, causing us to give up entirely. However, when we set an intention to eat healthier, (do you feel the difference in these two approaches - completely different energies, right?) we can understand that it's okay to sometimes eat a donut. You can always start over again without judging yourself. It is the awareness piece that will stop you from eating a bunch of donuts because you won't feel quite well after.

Focusing on what you want to create in your life versus what you want to fix is the approach we're bringing into 2023. Let's not fight ourselves and what we don't like and instead encourage ourselves and focus on what we want to create instead.

Helpful Fitness Intentions for the New Year

Remember to get clear on your intention and practice balance too. Here are some fitness intentions to help you get started on your own healthy journey in 2023:

  • I will practice mindful eating.
  • I will make time during the day to move my body.
  • I will prioritize rest.
  • I will make healthy meal choices.
  • I will connect with myself each morning before deciding which fitness activity will suit my needs.
  • I will work with a personal trainer to help me balance my work-life-fitness goals.
  • I will listen to my body while working out.
  • I will challenge myself when appropriate and rest when needed.

What are your fitness intentions for the new year? If one of them is to eat healthier and focus more on your work-life-fitness goals, so you can get more time back into your day.

Photograph by Danielle Cerullo from Unsplash.

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