5 Surprising Reasons to Add Collagen to Your Diet

5 Surprising Reasons to Add Collagen to Your Diet

Find Out Why Collagen Is Called “The Body’s Building Block”

If you are a skincare guru of any kind, you have probably heard about all of the amazing ways collagen can benefit your skin. When you have enough collagen in your system, your skin is able to “bounce back” from internal factors like aging as well as external factors like pollution. Collagen is already found in your bones, cartilage, and skin, but some people might have a hard time producing the amount of collagen their skin needs on their own. That is where collagen supplements like the ones offered by BUBS Naturals come to the rescue.

Studies show that most people show a dramatic improvement in their skin just eight weeks after beginning collagen supplements. Because collagen helps build DNA strands, it slows down aging from the inside out. This benefit alone might be enough for some people to hop on the collagen caboose.

What many people do not know is that the benefits of collagen are much more than skin-deep. Even if skincare is not a top priority for you, or you already feel confident about your skin, there are still so many ways that collagen can help your body. Below are some of the top reasons that you should consider adding collagen to your diet:

Muscle repair and recovery

If you are an athlete, or just like to stick to a consistent workout routine, collagen might be the saving grace you didn’t know you needed for your joints and connective tissue. Collagen will really kick your body’s healing powers into gear. That is because collagen contains high amounts of amino acids and collagen proteins, both of which your tissues need to heal effectively. Collagen can be your secret weapon to help you improve your performance and feel better while doing it.

Boosted energy

Who doesn’t need a little energy boost every now and then? Before you reach for that morning coffee, make sure your collagen levels are where they need to be. Collagen has been shown to help with energy levels, mood, and appetite. Plus, when your collagen levels are regulated, you can even experience deeper restorative sleep, which will help you tackle the day. Get the boost of energy you need without the crash and burn that comes with caffeine.

Digestion aid

Bloated tummies, heartburn, IBS, oh my! We’ve all been there. In fact, digestive issues are so common, as many as one in five Americans suffer from them on a regular basis. While many might reach for a peppermint tea or lemon water to get some relief, what few people know is that collagen actually plays a major role in our digestive health. A healthy amount of collagen in the system is so crucial to gut health because it contains the amino acids glycine, glutamine, and proline, all of which are best friends for our digestive systems.

Support for heart health

Collagen provides structure for your body, and this goes way beyond the skin and muscles. Collagen actually provides structure for your arteries as well. This helps the blood flow to and from the heart with greater ease. Studies have shown that taking collagen reduces artery stiffness and increases the levels of good cholesterol in the body. If you want one more way to say goodbye to the possibility of heart problems, it might be time to say hello to a new collagen routine.

Detoxifies the body

It seems like “detoxing” is all the rage these days, and too often, we fall into so-called detox solutions that don’t really practice what they preach. When it comes to detoxing, our body already has the tools it needs to remove toxins: the liver and kidneys. When these systems are not working as they should, that is when you might run into a buildup of toxins. Luckily, collagen can help. Collagen is jam-packed with glycine, which can protect your liver from damage and help your body function at its best.

Now that you understand what collagen can do for your body, you might be wondering what the best way is to incorporate it into your daily life. BUBS Naturals is here to make that answer simple for you. BUBS Naturals offers three different forms of collagen protein and a lifestyle bundle option, so you can get into a collagen routine that works for YOU. When you use the code “PRIMALBALANCE” at checkout, you will save 20% off your entire order, so give your body this amazing gift or give it to a friend.

Start taking your health into your own hands today. Your body will thank you.

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